Board Basics

The Midfield Board of Education is a five member body that is appointed by the Mayor.  The Midfield Board of Education adopts policy for the daily operation of schools.  They also oversee that the school laws are properly explained, enforced and observed.  Each member serves a five year term.  Board members elect a president and vice president annually. 

Meeting Schedules and Summary

School board meetings are normally held on the third Monday of each month in the boardroom at the Midfield Board of Education located at 417 Parkwood Street, Midfield, AL 35228.  A work session is held prior to the board meeting that begins at 4:30pm followed by the regularly scheduled meetings.  Both work session and the regular scheduled meeting is optional to the public.  When discussing personnel, disciplinary or other confidential matters as determined by the Code of Alabama, the board may move into a closed session.  Meeting dates are under Meeting Schedule tab.

Speaking at Board Meetings

Any citizen may address the board at any scheduled meeting during the designated period called "Public Participation."

Board Meeting Etiquette

The only time members of the audience may address the board during a board meeting is during the "Public Participation" or at the president's request.  Audience members are requested to turn off cell phone and to leave the room to carry on conversations.

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