Local School Accounting


Welcome back Faculty & Staff of Midfield City Board of Education!

During the Financial Management portion of this year's Institute, Local School Accounting was the major focal point of this section, hence why it was facilitated by the CSFO.  It is part of our commitment to make this area more efficient, accurate and user friendly.  Yes, you the employee was in mind but more so our customers, the parents/students.  To help in making this possible, please remember to promote www.mylunchmoney.com.  This site can be used to not just collect lunch money, but you can encourage parents to pay approved school, athletic and field trip fees.  


Attached you will find the presentation from Institute along with the Local School Accounting Manual.  Please use these references to ensure that you are following the Rules & Guidelines established by the State of Alabama and Midfield City Board of Education.      

For questions or concerns, feel free to contact Leon Dowe by phone or email. 



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