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Midfield City Schools receives funding based on the number of free/reduced lunch students who attend school within the district. This funding is also based on the forty-day attendance report submitted to the State Department of Education. Each School receives funding based on a per-pupil allocation. Midfield City Schools has a Schoolwide Program. Our Program is designed to assist students and support parents within the district to be successful contributors to society. 


Four Key Principles


*Stronger accountability for achievement results


*Greater flexibility for states, school districts


*More choices for parents

*Emphasis on quality teaching strategies that have proven success, using evidence-based instruction.


Our primary goal is to provide meaningful learning opportunities for all stakeholders.




Title I-A Schoolwide

Title I is the largest federal aid to education program in this country. Title I programs enable schools to provide opportunities for children served to acquire the knowledge and skills contained in the state content and performance standards developed for all children and to promote effective parent involvement. All schools in Midfield City are Title I schools. Title I funds are used to supplement purchases related to instructional materials, technology, additional teachers and aides, professional development, parent involvement programs and materials, and extended day/year programs.

Title II (A) Supporting Effective Instruction

Title II funds support professional development activities designed to prepare, train, and recruit certified teachers and principals and other staff involved directly in student education. Title II funds are used to support intensive high quality professional development activities in the core academic subjects. These funds also provide opportunities for teacher growth and educational advancement.  

Career Techinal Education/Perkins

The purpose of this program is to ensure that our high school students have the opportunity to gain knowledge and skill in career ready standards and training. Midfield City Schools

School Improvement 1003 (g)

 The purpose of this program is to provide opportunity for schools to transform staff and turnaround student achievement. Funds are allocated for five years.

21st Century Community Learning Center

Midfield City Schools under the new ESSA law will manage a 21st Century Community Learning Center on the site of Midfield Elementary School. This new grant provides after-school, summer enrichment and service learning opportunities for students in grades Pre-K - 9 and all parents in the Midfield School District.

Dr. Janet M. Jenkins - Coordinator

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