• Rutledge Middle School Counseling Program Vision Statement

    The vision of the school counseling program at Rutledge Middle School is that all students are critical thinkers and self-motivated leaders. Our students demonstrate responsibility, social maturity, and self-control through positive and respectful relationships with adults and their peers. Our students persevere and overcome barriers to excel in a global, innovative, and diverse society. 


    Rutledge Middle School Counseling Program Mission Statement

    The mission of the school counseling program at Rutledge Middle School is to educate all students in a safe and supportive environment. We deliver developmentally appropriate activities that include education, prevention and intervention activities. The school counseling program provides equitable access to counseling services to help all students succeed. The school counseling program promotes academic achievement, college-and-career exploration, and social/emotional growth.  The school counselor works collaboratively with others to help students persevere and overcome barriers, achieve social maturity, demonstrate self-control, and have positive relationships with adults and peers. The school counselor follows a professional code of ethics at all times and provides leadership and advocacy that supports students to become critical thinkers, self-motivated leaders and responsible, life-long learners to excel in a global, innovative and diverse society.


The Counseling Connection

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