• We maintain a “Students First” philosophy. We structure each classroom and educational environment to meet the needs of each and every student.
    • Our students learn, grow, and thrive in innovative programs that build independence and prepare each student for a successful transition to life after school.
    • We provide and sustain a balance of life skills, academic skills, social - emotional supports, and transition curricular options based on students’ true and ever changing/evolving abilities, interests, and future goals. 
    • Each student is respected as a unique individual and offered high expectations, not bound by label. Decisions and practices will be student-driven and based on evidence and data.
    • We provide supports to students so that they each actively participate in their educational processes, including the IEP process and in activities that increase self - advocacy and self-determination.
    • We work with parents as partners so that they are well informed and educated about programs and supports available to students within the District as well as when they transition to young adulthood.
    • We will provide the necessary supports to all staff so that they are informed both of student needs and of evidence-based ways to address and support those needs.