• The Midfield City School System participates in several federal programs that allow for our schools to benefit from instructional resources in terms of additional funding, professional development, and instructional initiatives. The two primary programs which are described below are Title I and Title II.

     Title I

    The purpose of Title I is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach proficiency on state academic achievement standards and assessments.  Title I provides funds to meet the educational needs of low-achieving students in the highest-poverty schools.  Title I funds are used to close the achievement gap among low-achieving children and their peers. 

    Title I Part A

    Title I, Part A provides additional funding to school systems based on the percentage of students from low-income families.  This additional funding supports the implementation of research-based instructional strategies aimed at increasing student achievement. Title I funds must be used to supplement, not supplant other funding or programs that a child would already receive through the local school system or school.

     A schoolwide program is a comprehensive reform strategy designed to enhance the entire educational program in a Title I school; its primary goal is to ensure that all students, particularly those who are low-achieving, demonstrate proficient and advanced levels of achievement on state academic achievement standards.  This schoolwide reform should result in an ongoing comprehensive plan for the school improvement that is owned by the entire school community and tailored to meet its unique needs. This schoolwide reform strategy requires that a school:

    •     Conduct a comprehensive needs assessment;

    •     Identify and commit to specific goals and strategies that address those needs;

    •     Create a comprehensive plan; and

    •     Conduct an annual review of the effectiveness of the schoolwide program and revise the plan as necessary.


    Key components of Schoolwide Title I Programs

    1. Comprehensive Needs Assessment

    2. School-wide Reform Strategies

    3. Instruction by Highly Qualified Teachers

    4. High Quality and On-going Professional Development for Teachers

    5. Strategies to Attract Highly Qualified Teachers

    6. Strategies to Increase Parent Involvement

    7. Transition Strategies (pre-school to elementary to secondary)

    8. Teachers Involved in Decision-making in the use of Academic Assessments

    9. Effective, Timely Assistance to Students Experiencing Difficulties

    10. Coordination of Local, State, and Federal Resources


    Midfield City Schools Title I Schools:

    • Midfield Elementary

    •  Rutledge Middle School

    • Midfield High School


     Title II (Improving Teacher Quality)

     The purpose of this title is to provide grants to state educational agencies, local educational agencies, state agencies for higher education and eligible partnerships in order to: 

    1. Increase student academic achievement through strategies such as improving teacher and principal quality and increasing the number of highly qualified teachers in the classroom and highly qualified principals and assistant principals in schools;

    2. Hold local educational agencies and schools accountable for improvements in student academic achievement.


    For more information, contact:

    Dr. Janet Jenkins

    Federal Programs Director


    (205) 923-2262  Ext. 1002