• Midfield City Schools Transportation Department

    Welcome to the Midfield City Schools Transportation website. 

    We hope that your visit here is beneficial and worthwhile for you.  Our mission is to provide safe, orderly and reliable transportation for the students of our district, and we work very hard to make that happen.  We have a great staff of personnel who work tirelessly to make sure that we can accomplish our mission.  We have a routing coordinator for regular and special programs.  In both of these programs, we work to make sure that we are meeting the needs of our students.  In addition, we provide “Activity Trips” as part of our service to support quality learning to students who belong to academic clubs, extra-curricular organizations and athletic teams.

    Since our bus drivers are the first and last school representatives to interact with your child every day, our role is to have a positive influence on all who come in contact with the transportation department.

    We try to instill in all of our personnel that we are all about the children and fostering a positive attitude within them about the importance of a good education.