• The affective needs of gifted students are addressed in both the regular classroom and in the Gifted/Enrichment Pull-Out program.  In the regular elementary classroom, most gifted students are grouped with other gifted students for a significant part of the school day.  Teachers have been made aware of characteristics, such as perfectionism, which can affect the gifted and have been advised about setting high but realistic goals for their students.  Students and teachers collaborate to form annual goals. 

    The Midfield City School Gifted/Enrichment Pull-Out program provides a setting in which students can regularly interact with their peers.  It also provides informal leadership opportunities through simulations and group decision making throughout daily activities. 

    Social and emotional skills are developed by discussing the application of ethical standards, working cooperatively, encouraging sensitivity, respecting others, and independent problem solving.  Each day, several students are asked to provide a “character word of the day”.  The students must spell, define, and discuss the relevance of the “word of the day” as it relates to our experiences.  The Midfield Elementary Gifted/Enrichment class mascot is the Mole Rat.  These animals must work together in order to survive.  We operate on the premise that we too, just work as a team and support one another to reach our goal of functioning like a “finely oiled machine”… MOLE RATS UNITE! 


    As student progress to the middle and high school level, an open line of communication continues with students, parents, and teachers.  Interest-based opportunities are provided and these students serve as mentors and problem-solvers to the younger students.  The financial and emotional needs of the community are great.  Through partnerships and collaborative efforts with outside sources such as Red Mountain Theatre and Camp McDowell, these families are often anonymously provided with food, clothing, medical/dental needs, etc.