• Transfers Into The School System
    Transfer Eligibility
    Students transferring into any school within the Midfield City School System must meet all eligibility requirements related to age, residence, immunizations, etc.  In addition, the student must not be suspended or expelled or pending suspension or expulsion from the school previously attended, except that a suspended or expelled student whose parent/legal guardian establishes residence in an area served by the School System may make a written request outlining the specifics of the suspension or expulsion to the Superintendent for review and consideration by the Board of Education.
    Placement of Transfer Students
    The following placement procedures shall apply to all students transferring into the Midfield City School System:
    • Transfers From Accredited Schools - A student transferring from a public or non-public school accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) will have credits and current class/grade placement accepted without validation upon the receipt of official transcript(s). 290-3-1-02(7)(d)
    • Transfers from Non-Accredited School Setting - 
      • Grades 1 - 8:  Using all official records and nationally standardized tests from the sending school, the Principal or his/her designee shall determine placement.  If there is a question about a transfer student's placement, he/she may be assigned to a lower grade level for a three (3) to six (6) weeks evaluation period.  Based on the student's performance during this evaluation period, placement may then be changed to the appropriate grade level for a probationary period.  Final grade placement will be determined after this probationary period.
      • Grades 9 - 12:  Students transferring from a non-public or non-accredited school shall be placed in a grade based on demonstrated ability and record of attendance and work done in school(s) previously attended.  In accordance with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accreditation standards, credit for courses pursued in a non-accredited school must be validated.
      • Grades 9 - 12 Validation:  The academic core courses (English, math, science, and social studies) will be validated by the student passing a content-based course specific test developed by the school system.  Validation is required for the highest level for which placement is sought.  Once a grade-level course has been validated, all preceding courses in that content area are recorded as validated.  Credit for elective courses shall be transferred without validation.
    Senior Transfer Students
    Except in a case of bona fide change of residence or other circumstances equally valid for making an exception, a student is not to be graduated from high school unless he/she has been in continuous attendance therein during the entire high school year immediately preceding the date of graduation.
    Rules and Regulations for Enrolling Transfer Students
    The local school Principal or designee shall be responsible for complying with the following rules and regulations when enrolling a transfer student with procedures executed as soon as practical:
    1. contact officials of the school from which the student is transferring to determine eligibility for continued attendance and to secure official records;
    2. secure an birth certificate or other documentation for age verification purposes, proof of residence, copy of current immunization form, valid social security number or identification number assigned by the school system, custody or guardianship papers, if applicable;
    3. secure a transfer document from the student or parent/legal guardian which certifies dates of attendance and gives the former school's address;
    4. require the student or parent/legal guardian to complete the Midfield City School System's enrollment form;
    5. provide the student with a student handbook and/or explain orally school rules and regulations;
    6. secure the student's transcripts and records from the school previously attended;
    7. provide the student an opportunity to apply for free or reduced meals;
    8. assign student to an appropriate bus, if applicable.