• INOW and Internet Explorer Compatibility
    The Midfield City Schools Technology Department encourages home users to use Firefox as their primary browser when accessing INOW or other district related software applications. 
    Please note: The local school or District Technology Staff can not troubleshoot a home computer's browser issues. 
    Recent enhancements with the INOW Student Management System has made INOW Home Portal compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 10. Even with the updates, there are some issues with viewing INOW through different Internet Explorer versions. INOW is not compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.
    Difference websites and programs display differently depending on the browser selected. If users experience issues with one specific browser, try a different one.  Acceptable browsers are Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Google Chrome.
    In order for INOW and IE9 or IE10 to properly operate, there are two settings that need to be reviewed:
    • Make sure your browser settings are set to view in Compatibility Mode.
                   (From IE - Press <ALT> key, choose Tools, choose  Compatibility View.
                      Also, choose Compatibility View Settings; add tcss.net into the list.)
    •  Make sure your browser settings are set to Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker.   
                    (From IE - Press <ALT> key, choose Tools, choose Internet Options, choose Privacy,
                       uncheck Turn on Pop-Up Blocker if checked)
                    (From IE - Press <ALT> key, choose Tools, choose Pop-Up Blocker; make sure it is turned off) 
    Users with Firefox should make sure Pop-Up Blocker is turned off :
                    (From FF - Press <ALT> key, choose Tools, choose Content, uncheck Block pop-up windows).
    ** Some Virus Detection Software packages may include Pop-Up Blockers within their scanning parameters.
    ** The use of Toolbars, such as Bing, Google, Yahoo and AIM Toolbars, may cause Pop-Up windows to be blocked, and toolbars are highly discouraged from being installed.
    You may contact your student's school if you are having specific problems with INOW username and passwords.